Monday, March 7, 2011

some published works

DREAMIX – WAVE : A Vocaloid Fanbook, guest artist 2010

ANIMETHON 16, Edmonton, Alberta, poster creator, 2009

Anime Styled Artbook, Mugeno 2009

Anime Styled Artbook, Mugeno 2009


  1. Angela -
    Some beautiful work here !
    How are you creating these ?
    Are you drawing on a tablet or paper and scanning into photoshop ?

    great to see you continuing your dream and pushing only getting better.

    - mark

  2. HIII Mark! Thanks~
    I mainly use SAI paint tool and photoshop with a intuos 3 tablet. I do the whole process digitally, from sketch to lines to colors : )

    sorry for such a late response, I don't check on my blog as often as I should haha~

    miss your class : (